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What To Do When Fat Loss Stops

Are you experiencing a weight loss plateau; where you haven’t lost weight for longer than 4-6 weeks? HERE’S SOME TIPS TO BUST THROUGH YOUR PLATEAU!


Ensure that you’ve been tracking your food accurately and give it two more weeks. More often than not we stop losing weight because we’re overestimating how many calories we’re burning and underestimating how much we’re eating. Try getting more stringent with your logging, weigh out solids, measure all liquids in ML, and make sure the database entries you’re using are accurate. If you don’t lose in the next two weeks you might be dealing with a plateau!


Take a diet break and/or refeed for 1-2 weeks where you eat around your maintenance calories. You should also take it much lighter in the gym during this time or try switching up your training modality. The goal here is to help offset any negative metabolic adaptations from your extended calorie deficit. At the end of the refeed slowly start lowering calories 100 or so each week until you start losing weight again.


During your diet break take the time to focus on getting enough sleep, water, rest, and mental clarity. Stress can be a big influence on our bodies ability to burn fat.


In the future try and keep dieting periods to 8-10 weeks before refeeding or taking a short break. It’s also a good idea to vary your training with a periodized training plan; this will prevent plateaus and prevent over-use injury long term.


If you still aren’t breaking through your weight loss plateau it’s time to head to the doctor. You could be dealing with a hormonal imbalance like low thyroid, an insulin resistance problem, and more.  Some common symptoms of this may be lethargy, being cold, poor energy, and mental fatigue. It’s best to get yourself checked out to make sure everything is in order!

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