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What's the deal with Online Coaching?

When you hire a virtual coach you are gaining a partner in your success. You’ll have access to an awesome workout plan, nutrition information, advice, tips, tricks, and motivational support. Every program I create is designed to help you achieve your goals, and i’m here 24/7 to help you.


First of all, the convenience! Because all of your workouts are done on your own, you can workout whenever and wherever you want. This is great for individuals who have a home gym, who work long hours, or who prefer to workout at a time that is not a stereotypical “personal training” time.

Secondly, virtual coaching works incredibly well with individuals who are personally motivated or already active and just want a solid plan. Without having a trainer with them 24/7 they can lower the cost and ask for advice only when needed. This allows you the freedom to reach success on your own and without having to coordinate with a local trainer.

Third, you get access to an excellent personal trainer worldwide. No matter where you live a virtual coach can provide you the personal service of training. You don’t have to settle for an unaccredited individual at your local gym; you can train with the best!

Lastly and most important, the price! Virtual coaching can be offered at an incredible affordable price because we don’t have the expenses of commuting, scheduling, meeting in person, and renting equipment. Because our costs are low, you save big time!


That’s a hard question to answer, because I think everyone can benefit from virtual coaching! Instead, i’ll tell you who I believe virtual coaching is not for…

If you are just beginning an exercise regimen and never stepped foot in a gym before you should seek out the advice of a local personal trainer who can teach you the basics. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the equipment and basic form of some simple movements like: squats, push ups, deadlifts, overhead press, rows, and more.

Individuals who are not ready to change or begin exercising. While a virtual coach can send you messages and reminders and help keep you motivated, ultimately you are responsible for your success. Because there’s no obligation of meeting a trainer in person, you’ll have to find the drive to follow the plan.

And lastly, individuals who have special requirements for training. For example, individuals who are pregnant, have certain medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease, or individuals with injuries. These require special in-person care.

If you're interested in starting, contact me today!

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