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Three Step Morning Routine To Start Your Day Right


This is the step where you get your body ready for the day. If you can spare 15 minutes to perform a full body stretching routine, can perform a guided meditation or visualization, or exercise this will get your body fully awake for the day. I personally perform a stretching routine, meditation by the “honest guys” on youtube, or do some VERY light calisthenics (I personally prefer to lift at night time).


This stage of your morning routine is incredibly important as it sets the tone for the day. The goal is to have a reasonable and attainable goal for the specific actions you’ll be taking for the day. This is where I like to use a “t cross plan” which includes: work goals to be done, cleaning/chores to be done, self care to be done, and long-term goals.

Here’s some tips for preparing and planning for the day:

  • Planner: Use a planner (physical or electronic) to plan out your day. This can be done hourly or with general “morning”, “mid-day”, and “night” goals. This should include all of the work related tasks that must be completed, chores, cleaning, cooking, workouts, self-care, relaxation, and how you’ll be spending your time throughout the day. The biggest piece of advice I can give about this step is to not be over-zealous in the achievements you can complete each day. It is very easy to become overwhelmed and stunt your ability to complete tasks simply because the workload seems impossible.

  • Vision Board: If you’ve created a vision board this is the step where you can look over it and quantify the specific things you’re doing this day to get closer to achieving this goal.  If you’re not doing anything to reach your goals, adjust your plan accordingly!


In the morning you’ll want to perform your individual grooming needs, grab breakfast, and get dressed in the clothes you hopefully laid out the night before. This step is highly individual so it’s difficult to share specific tips and tricks about this, but here’s some general ideas!

  • Grooming: Brush and floss teeth, brush and style hair, wash and moisturize face, apply makeup if necessary, clean and shape nails, and ensure you have a polished clean look.

  • Clothes: Get dressed, ensure clothing doesn’t have holes loose threads or stains. Clothing should be comfortable, work-appropriate depending on your profession, clean, and flattering on your specific body.

  • Breakfast: Make coffee, tea, a warm or cold breakfast, and eat.


I hope that this morning routine gives you some ideas on what you can do each and every day to achieve your dreams. If you perform this along with a night routine, this is approximately 8% of your total day. If you need to wake up early to perform this before others in the household are up, DO IT! You are worth it!

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