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Love Yourself Night Routine


To begin your nightly routine you’ll want to start with good grooming. Instead of focusing on just “being clean” you can make this experience a luxury or spa type experience. These products don’t have to be expensive, but purchasing products which bring you enjoyment with their texture or scent is important. Some ideas include:

  • Body: exfoliate, shave if needed, moisturize with a body oil, body butter, or your favorite lotion. Make sure to moisturize any dry spots like elbows and knees.

  • Face: wash, exfoliate, mask, moisturize, or follow a custom face-routine tailored for your skin needs.

  • Teeth: brush, floss, rinse, and apply whitener if applicable.

  • Hair: make sure hair is free of tangles, apply a leave-in conditioner, give yourself a scalp massage, apply a hair oil to roots and tips of your hair. TIP: to prevent breakage in long hair you can wrap hair, braid hair, or use curlers to protect your hair from rubbing and becoming tangles during the night.

  • Nails: brush nails to remove dirt or debris, remove old nail polish, file and shape nails, repaint nails that have chipped, or apply a good quality cuticle oil. Daily care will allow you to have beautiful natural nails.

  • Hands: exfoliate, moisturize, or apply a hand mask.

  • Feet: exfoliate, remove calluses, soak tired feet in epsom salts, or apply a foot mask and a pair of socks.


It’s always a great idea to prep certain things for the next day so that mornings aren’t stressful. Here’s some ideas:

  • Clothes: go ahead and lay out the clothing you plan to wear for the next day. You can inspect it to ensure there are no holes, scuff marks, loose threads, or wrinkles.

  • Shoes: lay out shoes for the next day and make sure they are clean and tidy.

  • Breakfast: do you know what you’ll be eating? If it’s something simple like cereal, awesome! If not, go ahead and prep it now so that you can grab and go!

  • Lunch: what about lunch? Do you bring your lunch to work? If so, go ahead and make sure it’s easy to grab and go in the morning.


This part of the routine is very highly  depending on your location, lifestyle, and preferences. Here’s some ideas that I personally love to do!

  • Light candles that smell great and give amazing ambient lighting. I personally try to avoid my cell phone, laptops, tvs, or other bright screens atleast an hour before bed. TIP: It might be a good idea to burn wax tarts or unscented pillar or tealight candles if you don’t have enough time to light a jared scented candle. These candles require minimum 1 hour of burn time for every inch in diameter and an insufficient wax pool will cause the candle to “tunnel”.  I highly recommend Voluspa candles as they are made with coconut wax which has a very low melting temperature and melts completely within about 30 minutes.

  • Read a relaxing book that is lighthearted or very long. I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me drifting off fasted than reading a book by soft candle light. And if you only read a few pages each night you can easily pick up the following night.

  • Get snuggly under a warm or cozy blanket. If you have a heating pad, a fireplace, or a kettle this will add to the warm and cozy feeling.

  • Drink a warm cup of tea (sugar free of course, since we have brushed our teeth!) and play some gentle and relaxing music. There are plenty of herbal tees made specifically to help you fall asleep.

  • If you clean your body at night; take a long hot bath that will warm you to the core. Again, soft ambient lighting or some gentle music will go a long way. An excellent before-bed bath is “Fresh Sake Bath” which clarifies skin and is filled with sleep inducing valerian root. Of course, a lush bathbomb or epsom salt works wonders too!

  • Do a guided meditation aimed at helping you deeply relax and drift off to sleep. My personal favorite can be found on youtube by “The Honest Guys”. If you struggle with rapid thoughts or anxiety this REALLY works!

If you’ve done some or all of the steps above you can be rest assured you will have a peaceful night and you will have set yourself up for a wonderful morning. Don’t underestimate how important it is to perform these tasks for yourself on a daily or weekly basis. Finding a routine that works for you is incredibly important as part of the lifestyle you wish to create.

This routine personally takes me about an hour and combined with my hour-long morning routine this is ONLY 8% of my total day! You do have the time and you are worth it. Stop dreaming about the lifestyle you want in the future and start creating it today!

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