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Lose Weight As An Office Worker

1.) Get up and walk around for at least 5 minutes every hour.

If you’ve got to pretend to go to the copy machine, grab a glass of water, or use the restroom simply adding in 5 minutes a day can keep your mood elevated and your body non-sedentary.

2.) Take the stairs.

If your office is on anything but the first floor consider taking the stairs the whole way or a partial way. A good option for implementing this rule is to take the stairs every time you leave the office. It’s often easier to start walking down than up! Eventually you can transition to making it up and down both ways.

3.) Go for a Walk or Light jog on your lunch break, especially if you have a full hour!

It often takes very little time to eat your lunch, even more so when it’s been brought to the office and pre-prepared. This leaves you with 30-45 minutes to spare. By taking a brisk walk or light jog you’ll have an opportunity to get more acquainted with the areas surrounding your workplace and you’ll really have a mental break from the hustle and bustle of work.

4.) Bring your lunch.

If you’ve gotten in the habit of ordering out with the group, driving to a local fast food joint, or going out with coworkers… stop! You can cut down majorly on calories consumed by preparing and bringing a healthy (appropriately portioned) lunch.

5.) Bring Healthy Snacks daily or for hunger emergencies.

If you’re a snacker who likes to munch all day you can effectively curb your damage by bringing snacks to eat during your shift. Some examples might be: celery sticks, baby carrots, sliced peppers, sliced apple, grapes, a banana, a pre-portioned serving of nuts, a protein bar, a small greek yogurt, beef jerky, jello or pudding, popcorn, etc. The key here is to fill up  on low-calorie options before heading over to the vending machine.

6.) Say no to office sweets, parties, and freebies.

We all know that person, her husband “accidentally” ordered 2 dozen more donuts than intended, or maybe she baked too many cupcakes, or maybe she has a large sheet-cake for so-and-so’s birthday or going away gift, or maybe her desk has a “free candy!” jar for all to see…. Stop indulging in these items! This can add hundreds of calories to your day and completely undo your pre-tracked plan.

7.) Stop participating in office politics and sharing your “weight loss journey”.

Despite the good intentions of having individuals who are around to support you, this often causes drama, judgement, and resentment between colleagues. It’s best to keep your goals to yourself and refrain from commenting on diet or nutrition unless specifically asked. Even then, it’s best to avoid deep conversation on this! A snide comment from a coworker can easily send you off on a downward spiral.

8.) If you plan to go to the gym, either go straight to work or straight from work.

Of course you should set up a time for working out that fits your individual schedule, but in my experience, individuals who go straight from or to the gym generally have greater adherance to their plan. Individuals who go home first (especially after a rough day and THEN traffic) are less likely to want to go out again later that evening. If you can, find a gym that is close to your office. Often you can leave early to workout and beat the morning rush hour and once your workout is done you only have a short drive to the office! If you go after work you can often workout during the rush hour and have a (hopefully) traffic free ride home!

9.) See if you can get your office on board with buying you a standing desk or a desk-bike!

Often companies are happy to spend on these desk-friendly items if it means their employees are healthier and happier.

10.) The most important…. have a plan!

Have a plan for how many calories you’re eating each day, what you’ll be eating each day, what your step/activity goal is, and whether or not you’ll be working out. In my experience placing said plan in an area you can see throughout the day is incredibly helpful for keeping you on track! This doesn’t have to be flamboyant, a simple post it note or images of what you hope to acheive can go a long way!

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