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How To Optimize Your Personal Training

So… you’re shelling out the big bucks for a personal trainer… now what?

First of all, when you’re paying good money for a trainer you should be able to expect that they’re putting your best interest in mind, they’re organized and goal oriented, and that the service they offer is actually… personal.


1.) Many personal trainers work with a large variety of clients throughout the week and may not have the resources to keep up with your individual plan and progress. 

Solution: Invest in a notepad or notebook which your trainer can write in each session. Bring this pad to your workouts (both on your own and with your trainer). This will leave a clear record of what exercises, what repetitions, what sets, and what weight you’ve performed in the last session.

2.) Often we do not keep a good record of the progress that’s been made over time. If you aren’t re-evaluating atleast once a month you’re shooting yourself in the foot!

Solution: Schedule a time or day in advance that you plan to track your progress.

3.) Keep your diet on track outside of the gym. We all know that you can’t out-train a bad diet, so don’t even try! You can be killing your workouts, but if you aren’t eating the right number of calories you might be wasting time.

Solution: Track your calories and stick to your diet outside of the gym

4.) Show up on-time for every training session and perform the trainer’s recommended solo-sessions on your own. We all know that consistency is key, don’t kill your gains by showing up to your personal training session once a week and skipping all your other scheduled workouts.

Solution: Build habits and stick to your schedule.

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