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How To Care For Long Hair When You Exercise

Do you have long hair? Are you starting to work out often and have no clue how to take care of it now? This post is for you!

As the owner of some really long hair I know first hand how frustrating it can be to wash your hair and then the next day work out and get it dirty all over again. And then what? You can’t wash your hair every day if you want it to maintain it’s shiny and moisturized status. Here’s what I do.


  • Wear braids or high-buns when you workout. You’ll want to avoid getting as much of your hair sweaty as possible.

  • Cover your hair with a cap and shower your body only after your workout. You can use dry shampoo and a blow dryer on a cool setting to style your hair; especially if you have places to be after your gym session.

  • Start to incorporate “co-wash” or conditioner only washes instead of shampooing every day. This will help keep the hair moisturized and smelling great without stripping your hair of oils. My recommendation for conditioners: Pureology and Lush’s Avocado Co Wash. Both are vegan and sulfate free.

  • Let your hair air dry and avoid heat styling as often as you can. We all know heat styling can damage hair, but especially when it’s being used daily! Try and limit this as much as possible to prevent breakage and damage.Incorporate the use of hair oils and serums. I personally use a Copenhagen brand called “Mirins” which includes jojoba oil, avocado oil, shea butter, and other pure essential oils on the ends of my hair and scalp daily. This provides moisture after consistent washing and helps treat dryness of the scalp.

  • Switch your brush to a wooden brush or a boar bristle brush. A wooden brush will help reduce static and breakage in your hair and a boar bristle brush will help distribute oils from your scalp to the ends of your hair.

My gym bag essentials? A boar bristle brush, dry shampoo, and if needed a hair dryer with a cool option! If you follow the above tips you’ll be well on your way to an awesome hair day; even if that’s on a workout day!

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