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4 Ways To Combat Period Weight Gain

That’s right, gaining weight on your period sucks! Throughout our cycle we may experience water retention and it’s not uncommon to gain up to 5 pound during that TOM.


1.) Drink plenty of water, stay hydrated, and always ensure your urine is mostly clear. Drinking adequate water will assist with flushing out water retention and also assist in relieving cramps. Women need about 2L of water a day.

2.) Take a mild diuretic like midol or pamprin. These medications don’t only help with inflammation and period pain, they contain the active ingredient “PAMABROM” which can help with bloating, water retention, and uncomfortable fullness.

3.) Work up a sweat! I don’t generally recommend heavy exercise on the heaviest days of your period, but you can definitely still work out! I personally like to briskly walk, jump on the trampoline, or perform long low-intensity cardiorespiratory exercise.

4.) Drink teas and coffee and other warming drinks. Not only do these have a mild diuretic effect they can be incredibly soothing during that TOM. If drinking a sweetened hot tea keeps you from eating a second slice of cake, well that always helps too!

Most of all, it’s so important to remember that our weight will fluctuate over time and to be prepared that weight gain happens during our period. Don’t let this throw you off track or frustrate you, keep reaching towards your goals!

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